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dmc-new-dante Comments Off

Devil May Cry (DMC) Gameplay – Gamescom 2011

Okay guys and gals, get your little demonic trigger fingers ready with this short teaser Straight from GamesCom 2011 DMC is shaping up beautifully, the

August 23, 2011 PS3, Videos, Xbox 360
mafia2 Comments Off

Mafia 2 Soundtrack – Main Theme

October 02, 2010 PC, PS3, Videos, Xbox 360
Mafia 2 Comments Off

Mafia 2 – If you miss it, you’re mad!

I’ve always been a big fan of the Mafia series; the sound track alone can sell me the game. But for all you people that

October 01, 2010 PC, PS3, Videos, Xbox 360
DMC: Devil May Cry Comments Off

DMC – Devil May Cry Trailer

September 25, 2010 PS3, Videos
DMC Devil May Cry Dante Comments Off

Devil May Cry – Leave Dante Alone!

Devil May Cry one franchise which has had mixed opinions

September 24, 2010 PS3, Videos, Xbox 360
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