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Exclusive Trials Evolution Interview With Antti Ilvessuo

For those of you who don't know, I'm a huge Trials fan. I'm not the greatest , but I've put dozens of hours into

November 02, 2011 Interviews
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Exclusive interview with Saints Row: The Third lead developer

If there's one man who knows the madness that is Saints Row: The Third, it's Scott Phillips. As the game's lead designer, he has overseen

November 02, 2011 Interviews
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Interview: Redbox VP of Games Joel Resnik

As Netflix scrambles to stay focused on the future, Redbox is thriving in simplicity. After the introduction of games (nationwide) to Redbox in June, they

October 13, 2011 Interviews, News, Regular Features
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ITSP Conversation with Michel Gagn

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet came out last month to positive critical and commercial succes, (you can see our review here), and so we sat

September 15, 2011 Interviews
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Interview: Eric of Train Frontier Express

One of this year Summer Uprising games that stands out from the crowd of games that generally either feature death of some sort or trying

August 12, 2011 Interviews, Xbox 360
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Interview: T.E.C 3001 developer Phoenix Game Studios

Today we interview the developer behind the lead XBL Summer Uprising game, T.E.C 3001. For those of you that haven’t heard of it yet, T.E.C

August 09, 2011 Industry, Interviews, Xbox 360
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An Artistic Alien Encounter and a Respectable Free-To-Play Game, One Indie Dev Isn

Indie developer Evan Miller talks artistic games, and his most ambitious project yet

August 08, 2011 Interviews, Mobile, PC, Regular Features
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Interview: Take Arms developer James Petruzzi

Today I sit down with one of the men in charge of Discord Games, the developer behind the anticipated Xbox Live Indie Games Summer Uprising

August 05, 2011 Interviews
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Interview: Deus Ex writer Sheldon Pacotti talks Cell: Emergence

Sheldon Pacotti, best known for co-writing the first two Deus Ex games, is currently developing the game Cell: Emergence for the Xbox Live Indie Channel.

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