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PSN gets ‘pre-load’ option for new games

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Sony has added a new pre-loading function to the PlayStation Store that lets you download – but not play – games ahead of their release.

The games will then be unlocked on the day of their launch.

The system will work similar to Valve’s PC digital downloads store on Steam, which has been allowing gamers to pre-load titles for some time now.

This new feature meansĀ PS3 owners won’t have to wait for a new PSN game to download on the day of launch before being able to play it. The moment the game is officially released, it’ll already be on the system and ready to go.

The first PSN title to make use of this option will be Sorcery, a Move-powered action fantasy game that will be releasedĀ on May 22 in the US and May 25 in the UK.

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