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wheels-of-destruction Comments Off

PSN Review: Wheels of Destruction

The vehicle combat/racing title genre is one that tends to have a dedicated but fairly small fanbase. With franchises such as Wipeout and Twisted Metal

April 23, 2012 Reviews
Javik Comments Off

Mass Effect 3: From Ashes DLC Review

NOTE: This review only looks at the From Ashes DLC content, not the main game. The first piece of DLC for Bioware’s space epic Mass

April 17, 2012 PS3, Reviews
mefeat 1

Mass Effect 3 Review

Some stories are too big to be told in a single installment. The Mass Effect series was trumpeted as a trilogy when the first

April 12, 2012 Reviews
soul-calibur-v-ps3 Comments Off

Soul Calibur V Review

Fighting games are a mixed bag these days. Some are happy to just keep trotting out the same old fighting styles and characters, rehashing its

February 04, 2012 Reviews
Skyrim-Box-Art Comments Off

Skyrim Review

The Elder Scrolls

December 05, 2011 Reviews
RAGE_Box Comments Off

Rage Review

ID Software is a name that commands respect in serious gaming circles. Responsible for both the Doom and Quake series, these iconic developers have been

October 31, 2011 Reviews
Gears_of_War-box Comments Off

Gears of War 3 Review

Take one measure of muscle, combine with gruff vocals, add a splash of filth and dirt, then glue a chainsaw to an assault

October 16, 2011 Reviews
binding-isaac-box Comments Off

The Binding of Isaac Review

Not for the Faint of Heart The Binding of Isaac

September 28, 2011 Reviews
Rotastic_Box Comments Off

Rotastic Review

Amid all the AAA high profile games and slew of

September 27, 2011 Reviews
DeadIslandBox Comments Off

Dead Island Review

If video games were porn movies, Left 4 Dead would be the beautiful lady, Dead Rising

September 23, 2011 Reviews
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