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Toy Soldiers: Cold War Review

4 years ago written by
The Commando steals the show as the de facto star

When the original Toy Soldiers launched in 2010 it was an instant classic in my eyes, this quirky little game showed the world that the tower defense genre had some tricks left up it’s sleeve. Now the Toy Soldiers name returns with it’s newest installment: Cold War. Does it live up to the first? I’m here to find out!

The main premise of the game is simple: “What if the toys in a war diorama were to come to life?”. You find yourself inside a large map defending your “base” called a Toy Box with turrets you are able to place on certain points scattered across the map, round points indicating they can take more up-close weaponry such as machine guns, and square indicating they can hold the more damaging and expensive turrets such as artillery and anti-air defenses. The twist that separates Toy Soldiers from other tower defense titles is that you’re not just putting down units to defend your base, the game expects you to actually use them.

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