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BioWare Not Ruling Out Mass Effect MMO

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CVG have had the chance to speak to BioWare CEO Dr. Ray Muzyka whether or not we could be expecting a new Mass Effect MMO in the future.

The BioWare boss didn’t rule out the change, saying: “Some of the ideas you mention are definitely possibilities.”

However, Muzyka firmly stated that they will not be dropping support for it’s flagship MMO, the up-and-coming Star Wars: The Old Republic, any time soon. He confirmed that the company would be supporting Star Wars: The Old Republic “for years” after launch.

Muzyka also teased new projects and hinting that BioWare had a “bright future” planned for both the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series of games.

“We have some really cool stuff going on with our Virginia studio out of BioWare Mythic,” he said, “[where] we’re exploring new types of online play.

“We also have some new things in the pipe we haven’t announced yet out of our Edmonton studio… We’re obviously looking at Mass Effect, Dragon Age – they’re epic franchises, and we have more things planned in the future. Mass Effect 3 is the beginning of a Galactic war. The future’s bright.”

Mass Effect 3 is due for release worldwide for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in March next year. Star Wars: The Old Republic will hit PC later this year.

Source: CVG

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